Spanish Essay Phrases

It is extremely helpful to be taught and memorise helpful phrases for writing Spanish Essays – that is in all probability the best means to enhance your Essays and therefore your marks as a Spanish newbie.

This text is a group of Spanish phrases to firstly enable you begin and conclude a Spanish essay; secondly tips on how to current themes and argue factors, and at last incorporates a spread of connectives to make a Spanish Essay move extra naturally.

The primary sentence…
Voy a discutir acerca del tema de…
Voy a hablar sobre…
Voy a discutir

Introducing your opening argument…
Para empezar – to start with
Al principio – firstly
En primer lugar – to start with

Introducing new themes and arguments…
Para continuar – to proceed
Para ilustrar… – as an instance…

Concluding the essay…
Por fin – in brief
Finalmente – lastly
Para concluir – to conclude
En conclusión – in conclusion
Para terminar – to complete
En resumen – in abstract

Presenting an argument…
Por un lado – on the one hand
Por otro lado – however
En cambio – in distinction
Por otra parte – however
Hay que tomar en cuenta – you need to take note of

Indicating time…
Durante – throughout
Mientras – whereas
Mientras tanto – in the meantime
Despues de infinitive – after
Antes de infinitive – earlier than
Luego – then
Entonces – then

As a result of / because of…
A causa de – as a result of
Como consecuencia de – as a consequence of
Debido a – on account of
Porque – as a result of
Como resultado – in consequence

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Spanish connectives and conjunctions…
Además – as well as, furthermore
También – additionally
Sin embargo – nonetheless
A pesar de – regardless of
Así (que) – so
Aunque – though
Sino que – however
Pero – however
Por ejemplo – for instance

Widespread subjunctive triggers…
Es possible que
Es necesario que
No creo que
Dudo que
Aconsejo que
Espero que
Quiero que

Presenting opinions (no subjunctive)
Creo que – I consider/ suppose
Pienso que – I feel
Opino que – For my part
En mi opinión – in my view
Afotunadamente – happily
Desafortunadamente – sadly
Me parece que – it appears to me

Due to this fact
Por eso – subsequently
Por lo tanto – subsequently
Por consiguiente – subsequently
Asi – so

Different helpful Spanish phrases / phrases
Todavía – nonetheless
Ya – already / now
Apenas – scarcely (casi no)
En realidad – in actuality
Actualmente – presently
Ahora mismo – proper now
En seguida – instantly
Hoy en día – these days

Essentially the most… is that

Lo mejor es que
Lo malo es que
Lo importante es que

Widespread makes use of of the imperfect subjunctive in Spanish
Si tuviera… – if I had… (notes: this ought to be adopted by a verb within the conditional tense)
Si fuera… – if I used to be… (as above)

I hope this assortment of Spanish phrases is beneficial for you Spanish writing – please go to for extra helpful Spanish sources like this one.

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