SMS Language – Some Examples of Textual content Messages Together with Txt Abbreviations

Is the SMS language taking on the English-speaking world?

Is it taking on the non-English talking world, too? Nicely, this text is a quick perception into SMS language, and it consists of some examples of textual content messages, with some fashionable textual content message abbreviations (aka SMS dictionary) included too. And, as you learn it, I hope this SMS language article illuminates somewhat than irritates.

Keep in mind, it is not solely on cell phones that such SMS language is showing lately:

* Fb and Twitter updates are equally prone to have shorthand sentences that would look meaningless to many

* Prompt messaging software program like Skype typically sees individuals writing in “txt communicate”

* And on-line discussion board messages, the place everyone seems to be in such a rush (or individuals simply do not know any higher), are sometimes suffering from these so-called textual content message abbreviations

So while you might quickly be gritting your enamel (as you learn this SMS language article), keep in mind it *is* helpful to know a little bit of this txt lingo…


Okay, listed below are some examples of textual content messages together with some traditional mobile phone abbreviations:

1) My smmr hols wr CWOT

2) I wntd 2 go hm ASAP, 2C my M8s once more

Imagine it or not, these SMS examples have been taken from an English Essay submitted by a 13 12 months outdated British teenager. At college. Critically! And their that means, after all is…

1) My summer season holidays have been an entire waste of time

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2) I wished to go residence as quickly as potential, to see my mates once more

I may simply make up an SMS instance or two, by eradicating vowels and shortening phrases as a lot as potential – lk ths, u c! – however I consider this real SMS instance is of extra academic worth.

Sure, that is how the SMS language consists – it is all about phrase discount, fewer characters to sort (essential for velocity, for instance, in addition to area on Fb and Twitter standing updates!) However then it is all about figuring out some well-established SMS shortcuts too – no have to reinvent the wheel, I assume. And that is the place textual content message abbreviations are available, in any other case often called ‘SMS dictionary’.

Here is a extremely brief instance of what I imply:


BF – boyfriend

GF – girlfriend

D8 – date

L8 – late

U – you

LMAO – chortle my ass off

IMAO – in my boastful opinion

IMHO – in my humble opinion

(Er, in my humble opinion, opinions ought to all the time be humble!;-) )

And, lastly, listed below are just a few txt msg abrs so that you can nod your head in settlement with…


BRB – be proper again

RUT – are you there?

LOL – chortle out loud

MTE – my ideas precisely

OMG – Oh my God!

AFZ – acronym free zone (!)

FFS – for *freak* sake

2M2H – an excessive amount of to deal with

2MI – an excessive amount of info

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IK – I do know

:-* – kiss

:[email protected] – screaming

O:-) – saintly

😉 – wink (simply in case you did not know!)

NB freak is extra typically changed with a special phrase starting with F! In case you get my drift!

As with all languages, the SMS language is ever-evolving, and only some of the 1000’s of phrases/phrases/shortcuts accessible will ever be in frequent use at anybody time. So panic not!

Nonetheless, these examples of SMS messages give a flavour of the communication happening on the market, through telephone or on-line…

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