Construction Is Character in Battle

For example this, let’s study the movie adaptation of The Godfather to see how the principle characters give rise to the construction of the movie.

The central characters are:

  • VITO CORLEONE: Getting old mafia don with three sons. A tricky immigrant Sicilian, he now goals of taking his enterprise legit. He is an ethical man in an immoral world: he loves his household and worries concerning the sleazy enterprise of drug dealing.
  • SONNY: The eldest son, inheritor obvious, however a hothead.
  • FREDO: The center son, a weak idiot.
  • MICHAEL: The youngest son, a battle hero, all-American (with a WASP girlfriend), very sensible, loves his father however would not need to work within the household enterprise.

These 4 characters do not actually offer you a movie construction, however what if you happen to add the next:

  • SOLOZZO: A drug vendor who needs to construct his personal empire. He wants the leverage of an enormous participant — Vito Corleone — however he is too formidable.

So this is your plot:

  1. Solozzo (too formidable) asks Vito to companion with him within the drug commerce.
  2. Vito (the person of morals) politely refuses.
  3. Sonny (the hothead) speaks out of line.
  4. Solozzo (too formidable) thinks he could make a cope with Sonny, and tries to kill Vito, inserting Sonny in energy.
  5. Fredo (the weak idiot) cannot defend his father.
  6. Vito (the robust immigrant Sicilian) survives 5 bullets within the chest.
  7. Michael (who loves his father) goes to see Vito within the hospital.
  8. Solozzo (too formidable) plans to kill Vito within the hospital.
  9. Michael (the sensible one) outwits the assassins and saves his father.
  10. Michael (the sensible one, who loves his father) plans to avenge Vito and restore order and energy to the household enterprise.
  11. Michael (the battle hero) goes to kill Solozzo.
  12. Solozzo (too formidable) falls for the entice and will get killed.
  13. Michael (the sensible one) flees the nation.
  14. Michael (the all-American) hides in Sicily, the place he learns to embrace his heritage.
  15. Sonny (the hothead) flies right into a rage over the abuse of his sister, falls right into a entice, and will get killed.
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And so forth….

Construction is the pure outgrowth of characters in battle.

Earlier than structuring your story, ensure you have characters who will come into battle in a significant and fascinating means.

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