Craftsman Spotlight: Guim Tió

A determination of ongoing works of art by Barcelona-based craftsman Guim Tió (recently highlighted here). In her intelligent essay, “Enormous Space, Little Person,” American creator Lionel Shriver portrays her daring 28 year-old self from the point of view of a now “far less slanted” 63 and, in doing as such, flawlessly pinpoints the odd fondness Tió’s work will in general bring out:

“I take a gander at Guim Tió’s works of art, their overwhelming monstrosities, their unfilled planes, their apathetic mountain extends, their wide careless skylines, and I point to the minor, frail, immaterial figure scarcely obvious on an expansive, indiscreet canvas, and I believe: that is me.”

See more pictures underneath.


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