Past the Tao of Physics – The Spirituality of Science

Physics: A hyperlink to the previous

It has been a 3rd of a century since Fritjof Capra’s bestselling e book The Tao of Physics. Capra associated the similarities between the physics and cosmology of the time (1975) to Japanese mysticism. Since then scores of scientific discoveries have left scientists mystified and most people stymied.

To be able to make observations match into idea, scientists have lately proposed that 96% of the universe is lacking darkish matter and darkish power, that house just isn’t empty however stuffed with power, that there are a minimum of seven hid dimensions, that the “elementary particles” in Capra’s e book should not elementary, that there are an infinity of parallel universes, that the universe is however data, and that merely realizing an organism’s DNA sequence doesn’t reveal the key of life.

Capra’s e book recommended a idea by which every part is interconnected and manifests solely with consciousness. Do the current scientific assertions help this? Sure. However in addition they go nicely past simply Japanese mysticism and intimate the unique teachings of religions and the traditional religious teachings of all of the world’s cultures. Capra predicted that new scientific revelations would result in a extra correct portrait of our world. Certainly, in lower than 4 many years we now have a brand new world-view.

21st-century science: A beacon of sunshine into the religious

I’ve collated cosmology, physics, biology, and different sciences with religious teachings and found {that a} new reality is rising. Science of this century has caught up with religious teachings a number of millennia previous. To know the brand new reality we should comprehend that the universe is psychological and religious, that matter is a handy metaphor utilized by people to make sense of our world, that our senses gasp however a billionth of what’s on the market, that the large questions such because the origin of life, the genesis of the universe, and the character of actuality nonetheless don’t have any passable scientific explanations.

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But the astounding discoveries lately inch us nearer to appreciating the inscrutable depictions of actuality from Japanese mysticism in addition to religious teachings from all historic cultures. I’ve sought to bridge the hole between science and spirituality by explaining current scientific discoveries coping with our origins, actuality, misperceptions, physique/thoughts, consciousness, spirituality, and afterlife.

My journey took me on a tour of the mind-boggling scientific ideas of the creation of the universe, life, and humankind. New theories reveal a startling view of actuality. Current breakthroughs clarify how thoughts and consciousness emerge from physique and mind, overturning earlier dogmas and providing new therapeutic strategies. New research present fascinating insights into the potential for an afterlife. Evaluating 21st-century science with religious beliefs, I found how the rift between science and spirituality could be healed.