Choreographed Chaos: The Practical Preventing Type of Donnie Yen



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June 14, 2020Here is a video essay on why Donnie Yen’s battle choreography kicks ass. Actually. Welcome to The Queue — your every day distraction of curated video content material sourced from throughout the net.
Western audiences might solely be acquainted with Donnie Yen‘s performing chops. However his affect, each as an motion director and battle choreographer, is nearly as highly effective as, effectively…the person himself.
Yen is part of a really small group of motion stars who (1) are equally competent choreographers, and (2) have a recognizable combating model all their very own. Combat scenes crafted by Yen really feel completely different, from the excessive influence kicks to the refined variations in pace and the brutal grit that separates him from the unbelievable ballet brawls of his friends. There’s a precedence on ache in a Donnie Yen battle scene, a choreographed chaos that always aligns with the impulsive, violent characters he performs.
In fact, Yen’s brilliance goes far past merely pioneering a grittier method to Hong Kong motion. As detailed within the two-part video essay under, Yen has pushed the boundaries of his self-discipline, infusing realism into choreography by embracing the narrative potential of messiness.
You possibly can watch “Artwork of Donnie Yen’s Combat Choreography” right here:

Who made this?
“Artwork of Donnie Yen’s Combat Choreography” was created by ScorpioDanielNerd aka Cheng Guo (Daniel), a video essayist and filmmaker based mostly in Singapore. You will discover ScorpioDanielNerd on YouTube right here.
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