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Meg Shields

May 18, 2020Here’s a video essay that unloads why “The Tales of Ba Sing Se” isn’t simply the best scene of ‘Symbol: The Last Airbender,’ however the way in to the entire arrangement.

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Symbol: The Last Airbender isn’t only extraordinary compared to other vivified kids appears, it’s perhaps the best show. Full stop. Nickelodeon’s component controlling, hostile to war epic effortlessly danced into the last four of our One Perfect Binge venture. Also, on the off chance that you haven’t got an opportunity to look at the show (or if, similar to us, you feel constrained to re-watch the entire arrangement now and then), uplifting news: Avatar is presently accessible on Netflix stateside.

In an arrangement with not very many powerless connections, sussing out which scene is “the best” regularly boils down to a matter of individual inclination. But then, you’d be unable to locate any “best of” list that doesn’t include “The Tales of Ba Sing Se.” The scene is a low-stakes character exhibit, with every one of our primary legends (and lowlifess) setting out on their own little (yet significant) vignette in the city of Ba Sing Se. The video essay beneath, “The Perfection of ‘The Tales of Ba Sing Se,” offers a breakdown of not just why the scene is one of the show’s ideal, yet why it’s symbolic of what makes Avatar so uncommon.

You can watch “The Perfection of ‘The Tales of Ba Sing Se’ – Avatar: The Last Airbender” here:

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Who made this?

This video comes kindness of Captain Midnight, who discharges video articles about their mainstream society intrigues each Thursday on their YouTube page. Skipper Midnight’s adoration for Spider-Man is irresistible, and on the off chance that you need to get exciting about superheroes, he’s your person. You can follow Captain Midnight on Twitter, here.”The Perfection of ‘The Tales of Ba Sing Se'” was altered by Andrew Elliott, whose YouTube account you can look at, here.

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