Uplifting news Gaming: A Cool Prince Of Persia Sequel No One Noticed

It’s been a difficult week yet allows end on a high note with some increasingly fun, cool, and peculiar things from around the computer game world. In case you’re new to this, Good News Gaming is a show that brings you positive and elevating stories from gaming, so you can begin the end of the week with a spring in your step.This week we have a sweet tale about the Fallout 76 network meeting up to help one of their own. In the place where there is Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one fan has assembled a phony Nintendo Direct that we truly wish was genuine. It’s loaded with astonishing personal satisfaction upgrades that the game actually needs, so we trust Nintendo is paying attention.As a pleasant aside, Facebook has been getting serious about one gathering that it has recognized is discussing “weed.” More explicitly, weeds from Animal Crossing, yet we as a whole realize that Facebook isn’t sufficiently keen to make that differentiation. In any case, a bizarre little second for a lot of New Horizons fans nevertheless.We’ve likewise got an awesome photography arrangement from Richard Parry, who destroys computer game controllers to surrender us a nearby gander at the innards- – it’s truly cool. There’s likewise a video essay about soundtracks with sickening apprehension games and a dropped Prince of Persia game that has been hanging out in the open for quite a long time, going unnoticed- – wild.We trust you appreciate watching the current week’s Good News Gaming and on the off chance that you have any positive news from the universe of computer games that you’d prefer to share, let us know in the remarks. We’ll be watching out for what you’re stating, and it might appear in a future video.

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