Honesty and Dishonesty By Handwriting Evaluation

With a view to decide dishonesty in a single’s handwriting, the power to acknowledge honesty is a prerequisite.


Basically, the handwriting of sincere individuals has readability, simplicity and a agency, straight bottom line. You possibly can see this by taking a ruler and inserting it underneath the middle-zone letters-they are all equidistant from the ruler. When the bottom line is straight (and sure different elements usually are not current), we discover a person who doesn’t go to items if one thing surprising happens. He’s composed, not simply upset, straight pondering, and sincere.

The extra open the ovals are, the extra talkative the author is. When these letters are a daily function of somebody’s writing, he might be stated to be each open and sincere. Nonetheless, if there have been no oval letters closed, it could be greatest to not inform the author any secrets-he might have issue retaining them.

If the physique of the writing is just like that of the signature, we see an primarily sincere and easy individual-one that’s not attempting to impress others or play a false half. When the signature varies from the physique of the writing, graphologists first analyze the physique of the writing, to find what the author actually is. Then they test that in opposition to the signature to get an impression of the author’s persona-the position he’s attempting to play.


Though there are various indicators of dishonesty, which might be recognized by way of one’s handwriting, graphologists all the time depend on three indicators.

*The sinuous bottom line.

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He’s inconsistent, prey to temper swings. It’s tough for him to carry a job or carry out any function-requiring steadiness.

*Oval formed letters, that are open on the backside). This displays deceitfulness and hypocrisy.

*Figures that may be mistaken for others, reveals lack of readability in cash issues.

When any one in every of these three indicators are present in one’s writing, a query mark arises to the graphologist in regards to the author’s veracity. Two indicators are thought-about as proof.

It have to be identified that the skilled graphologist solely depends upon these elements when:

a) they’re considerably repeated


b) that is the author’s pure handwriting.

An individual’s illegible signature doesn’t admit of any complimentary interpretation. For the way a lot belief might be positioned in a doc if the signature that’s to show the signer’s willpower to hold out his guarantees can’t be deciphered? In a way, an illegible signature annuls the doc it pretends to implement.

In distinction, the illegible hand of docs, for example, is a part of their skilled pleasure and secretiveness; they don’t need the layman to know their notes clearly reserved for different docs or pharmacists. As this isn’t the physician’s pure handwriting, it definitely is just not an indicator of dishonesty; it’s to guard his affected person.

Psychopathology in Handwriting

The Routine Liar

The strategy of mendacity, it appears, has not less than 3 ways of attaining its ends. Within the liar’s presentation of the story,

l. one (important) half is solely disregarded;

2. one (important) half is disregarded and a freely invented half is substituted for it;

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3. one (important) half is disregarded and the hole is crammed with chitchat, or meaningless or imprecise tales. In all 3 ways, the liar tries fastidiously to not seem as such; his story and strategy should not arouse suspicion.

(Basically, the routine liar, as a social sort, is unwilling to speak frankly; he won’t categorical himself with out indirection or hesitation.) In writing, the liar’s methods stay the identical. Whereas the primary letters of phrases look clear and infrequently are written with nice care (to deceive us and to attract our consideration away from that a part of the phrase the place the lie “resides”), the physique of the phrase behind that first letter is,

1. Incomplete: a number of letters are disregarded (“advert” as an alternative of “and,” “Thanki” as an alternative of “Thanking,” “neived” as an alternative of “obtained,” “sicenly” as an alternative of “sin¬cerely”),


2. One or a number of letters are changed by letters that don’t belong there (“eacl” as an alternative of “every,” “mucl” as an alternative of “a lot,” “costme” as an alternative of “proceed”),


3. One letter is disregarded and as an alternative there’s a thread (“fr-” as an alternative of’ “from,”) or one thing that appears like a letter however is just not (“ar-y” as an alternative of “military”).

The above samples are taken from one message, written by a routine liar.

The Pathological Liar

These two seemingly completely different handwritings have been written by one individual, a pathological liar. She executed this writing for the physician who had her underneath his care, in an effort to present “how intelligent she was.” From the standpoint of graphology, these handwritings are similar excluding the slant; neither comprises a fundamental attribute that the opposite lacks.

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The pathological liar, to make sure, is just not merely an individual who tells many lies. He’s virtually fully recognized with the false roles he unconsciously assumes. Consequently, he’ll characteristically present two or extra completely different kinds of writing, slightly than merely the slips of the “routine liar.” Such shifting of favor is the clue to pathology, which the graphologist can uncover.