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Might 27, 2020What we’re watching: a video essay about how ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ modified the make-up of American cinema without end. 
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Bonnie and Clyde is among the most influential American movies ever made. Arthur Penn‘s 1967 masterpiece about two Melancholy-era financial institution robbers left an immeasurable mark on Hollywood, setting new requirements for what Hollywood was able to and carving a path for the rebellious, difficult cinematic shake-up of the 1970s.
As detailed within the Now You See It video essay “The Film That Modified Cinema,” Bonnie and Clyde is among the most revolutionary motion pictures to ever hit Hollywood. With money owed to avant-garde movies like Breathless and Jules and Jim, Bonnie and Clyde repackaged the French New Wave for stateside audiences, recontextualizing the experimental stylings and discontinuous modifying of a continental motion in an American fable.
The result’s a movie that went locations no Hollywood movie had gone earlier than. Bonnie and Clyde had a daring strategy to intercourse, violence, and gender that pushed boundaries. The movie handled The Nice Melancholy with a way of levity, launched audiences to the stunning impression of the blood squib, and oscillated on a dime from slapstick humor to violent tragedy. There could by no means be one other movie prefer it.
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This video essay comes courtesy of the fantastic of us at Now You See It, the YouTube channel devoted to movie evaluation that searches for that means in sudden locations. You’ll be able to observe Now You See It and take a look at their again catalog right here. Now You See It It’s run by Virginia-based software program engineer Jack Nugent, whom you possibly can observe on Twitter right here.
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