marcos coronel examines the need to change our urban communities in the wake of COVID-19

marcos coronel is a venezuelan draftsman, urban arrangement tactician and prime supporter of pico colectivo. in the accompanying essay – ‘seeking after a provoking solution for urban areas’ – coronel investigates the open door for a positive change in perspective inside urban situations. in the wake of COVID-19, the designer advocates not for the world to come back to ‘ordinary’, yet for urban communities to be better intended for open heath and any future pandemic.’pursuing a moving solution for urban communities’ – the city as we probably am aware it is falling and can’t present new choices of life. the infection is compelling us to acclimatize the structures that contain the city, and the frameworks that had imagined every city for itself. fundamental exercises are isolated by kilometers of separation among lanes and streets. naves and displays, as encased and falsely acclimatized envelopes don’t permit swarms any longer, henceforth are unvisitable. infra-human cases stacked on one another on towers that don’t ponder open spaces, regular zones, nor nature; where there is for all intents and purposes no human contact with the outside, will turn out to be progressively useless over time.a overhang crosses the façade of a hermetic structure in caracas, marcos coronel (pico pico) image © josé alberto bastidasthe pandemic takes steps to irreversibly hurt the social scaffolds and connections that stay alive with trouble, and simultaneously, incomprehensibly, represents an idle chance to cure our urban communities. be that as it may, not through a topical and shallow treatment that professes to reuse models to come back to a similar point in which we were previously, however through an extreme change forward. one that drives us to think on a change past what is demonstrated, executing inside and out remedial mediations, exploring different avenues regarding another re-capability of existing structures, alongside spread of new physical elements, new domains and new tenable organisms.a security module controls the section and exit into a network in caracas, atelier caracas (julio kowalenko and rodrigo armas)image © saúl yuncoxara perspective change of the urban communities is impending. the new conditions rule different spaces where various systems will discover to acknowledge in flare-ups of union and spots of trade to occupy in a way without points of reference. different laws and remedies of design will permit a reconfiguration of the city without opinion or predispositions, which can’t disregard the extent of the determined problem.a structure connects to have the relinquished guaire stream and the interstate, rodrigo marín, ricardo sanz, alba izaguirre and marx avendaño (ciudad reactiva)image © rodrigo quite a while back urban areas had become wasteful life forms inclined to experience the ill effects of social isolation, just as poisonous sicknesses. urban areas would never again be divided regions, nor ultra ward, as sterile islands provided by its edges. consequently in these might multiply the remainder of essential capacities that themselves require, embracing its very own strong conduct disappointments, yet additionally increasingly resistant to potential dangers and disturbances of outside variables. by the by, inside the settlements we have sorted out as social orders, it is conceivable to distribute ports for those future airs. components that are as of now present as little fibers and cells with regards to places we are as of now living. networks and urbanization should be in offset with regular habitats, including sheltered and adaptable spaces that are fit to predict, or if nothing else to oppose and defeat effectively, forceful and destructive some way, the entirety of the urban areas assemble this possibility to abuse, where every region presents specific indications that will get focused on techniques and medicines. yet, correctly, caracas and comparative urban areas in latin america that are at the breaking point, establish the perfect situation to envision a cure. caracas is a perplexing and heterogeneous city that is involved numerous layers covering one another, interlaced on a solitary inborn structure. a disorderly and corrupted domain, similarly as wondrous and lively. the city all the while holds sound turns of events, which require refreshes and reviving, joined with different spaces where an adaptable and insecure, extraordinary and dynamic texture is imitated, requesting fixes with better enrichments, administrations and infrastructures.these contradictions are in changeless contact and strain and are the rearing ground and research facility generally inclined to apply basic correctives in view of the risk that the infection epitomizes. a city that should rethink itself before it phagocytises itself. the waterway that streams all through must mend, to recoup its stream and expand its riversides, entering the hermetic texture until converging with little woodlands and urban ranches. another framework is opposite the proportion of constructed square meters to support regular open spaces. to disintegrate limits and mix urban textures. straightforward structures normally oxygenating. access to work, abiding and natural administrations, extensively interconnected. it appears the world is racing to come back to ‘ordinariness’, anxious to stop the ruin of what we have fabricated, however the urban communities as we probably am aware them can no longer withstand the hazard to confront a hurtful infection once more, without first evolving. – marcos coronelproject info:essay: seeking after a provoking solution for citiesby: marcos coroneltranslation: karina domínguezimages:[1] air channel, parasite gallery. biological system of social economies. caracas, venezuela 2019. venture creator: marcos coronel (pico pico)  picture: josé alberto bastidas[2] insta dugout. caracas, venezuela 2019. venture creator: atelier caracas (julio kowalenko and rodrigo armas) picture: saúl yuncoxar[3] VIP. caracas, venezuela 2019. venture writer: rodrigo marín, ricardo sanz, alba izaguirre and marx avendaño (ciudad reactiva) picture: rodrigo maríndesignboom has gotten this undertaking from our ‘DIY entries’ component, where we invite our perusers to present their own work for production. see more venture entries from our readers here.edited by: lynne myers | designboom

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Marcos Coronel

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