Out of Time: Lessons in Editing From Cliff Booth’s Drive Home



Meg Shields

April 17, 2020Or: how to get to the Valley from Beverly Hills in less than three minutes.

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Ahead of schedule into Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, double turned right man in an inappropriate spot Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) drops his famous actor manager Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) off at his Beverley Hills home. At that point, in the wake of exchanging over to his relatively tiny Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, Cliff drives off to his trailer park. The montage that follows is laidback and rich with detail; a gala of lights, sounds, and an authentic “hellfire better believe it” for anybody inclined toward sluggish late-night drives with the radio up and the windows down.

Precipice Booth might be an anecdotal character, however the Los Angeles portrayed in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is genuine. At any rate, in its likeness to the LA that Quentin Tarantino recollects from his adolescence. What’s more, with that admonition comes a foggy feeling of wistfulness that transforms places into sentiments, and getting from guide A toward point B into an adoration sonnet coordinated unequivocally at Hollywood Boulevard.

“Precipice Booth Drives Home,” the most recent video essay from FSR most loved Philip Brubaker, unloads how the character’s excursion utilizes true to life language to get him from Cielo drive to the San Fernando Valley in less than three minutes. The video exhibits how Tarantino plays with everything from the 180- degree rule to diegetic sound signs to fall Cliff’s excursion for down to earth purposes as well as to pass on that fluffy feeling of lost time so bound up in the experience of driving in LA.

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You can watch “Precipice Booth Drives Home” here:

Who made this?

Philip Brubaker is a true to life movie producer and video writer situated in Gainesville, Florida. He has made a hell of a great deal of video papers for Fandor, Vague Visages, and MUBI, notwithstanding short narratives. You can peruse Brubaker’s video content on his Vimeo page.

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Meg Shields

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