Sky Watchers: Why Did It Come Full To The Sumerians

We all know that any subject of research doesn’t develop in sooner or later. It takes time and the one discovery results in one other. Ultimately the one builds on the opposite however once we have a look at the Astronomy utilized by the Sumerians, we get the concept they obtained their solutions from heaven.


Whilst you might know, this Astronomy is the research of stars and astrology is the research of Fortune telling. Whereas they each use the constellations, stars and planets as the bottom of understanding the one has no scientific base whereas the opposite does. We speak about Astronomy right here.

Historic Mysteries researcher Alan Alford wrote a e book referred to as Gods of the New Millennium. Alford has the concept the Sumerians should have obtained their information from a race of gods. In line with him, the Sumerian had a whole mannequin of the universe proper originally of their civilization 6000 years in the past. They compiled lots of of correct predictions about eclipses and phases of the moon. This additionally included predicting the equinoxes.

The Wobble of the Earth’s Axis

One other wonderful a part of the Sumerian understanding of astronomy is the truth that they knew in regards to the wobble within the axis of the earth. This wobble is so sluggish that it takes the earth 26 000 years to finish on circle. That is additionally the explanation why we are saying we’re going into the Age of Aquarius now. Whereas the mystics might make loads of this, it’s an astronomical explainable difficulty.

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Any Different Rationalization?

As with a lot of the concepts connecting us with an alien race or a go to by god-like beings, astronomers reject this rationalization and search for solutions which might be extra plausible. Astronomers moderately imagine that the concepts have been effervescent up for a very long time and it took a breakthrough of some form to finish this physique of information. We additionally see this within the subject of cellphone and pc growth. The event is perhaps forward now a lacking half is found. On the exact second of discovery the invention is already outdated. The Chinese language are superb in connecting a brand new growth to issues they’ve already developed.

Removed from being backward our ancestors possessed the expertise that in lots of respects have been extra developed and inventive than ours in the present day. Each solstice and equinox previous traditions are nonetheless repeated at sacred websites the world over as if the ritual in itself will cease the solstice and convey again the solar. Nonetheless whereas the rituals starting have been historic, the astronomers of the time have been eager observers and will predict the yearly phenomena. Whether or not they knew the explanation behind the occurring just isn’t clear however my guess is that they did however similar to within the days of Galileo, it was a non secular pushed act to carry out sure rituals and as an alternative of combating it, they simply stored the reality silent.