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June 18, 2020Here is a video essay that explains what Terrence Malick’s filmography can train us in regards to the work of Martin Heidegger. Welcome to The Queue — your day by day distraction of curated video content material sourced from throughout the online.
Earlier than he grew to become a filmmaker, Terrence Malick wished to be a thinker. That’s an understatement: the person has a B.A. from Harvard and attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar (he wound up dropping out due to a disagreement along with his supervisor).
He might have deserted academia however once you watch Malick’s movies, his attraction to philosophical thought is apparent. It’s additionally arguably the figuring out think about whether or not or not you, as an viewers, discover his work to be pretentious or contemplative. Malick’s filmography has a wandering high quality to it. There are reoccurring moments in Malick movies the place the digicam spontaneously chases after butterflies or lingers lovingly on crickets in tall grass. In his later work, Malick deviated from construction to the purpose that even his most devoted followers started to query what he was attempting to attain.
The video essay under argues the reply lies in Malick’s examine of the continental thinker Martin Heidegger. As an alternative of attempting to know Malick’s filmography by means of the lens of Heidegger, the essay takes the other strategy and charts the methods by which Malick’s work captures and clarifies the Heidegger’s work. From the risks of unconsciousness to the methods by which artifice distances us from the occasional glimpses of a world, shimmering with which means: for this reason Malick chases butterflies.
You’ll be able to watch “Transcending Heidegger – The Cinema of Terrence Malick” right here:

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This video essay was created by Like Tales of Previous, a video essay channel run by Tom van der Linden. You’ll be able to observe van der Linden on Twitter, right here. And you’ll subscribe to his YouTube account, right here.
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