Thursday grouped connections

1. The clouded side of Coase: a crypto story.

2. The Covid-19 rave culture that is German.

3. Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects stay-at-home request (NYT).

4. What amount of medicinal services spending is optional?

5. What it resembles to land in Hong Kong and attempt to enter (suggested, short photograph essay).

6. New information from France.  And a Twitter string on same.

7. What is the expense of getting control over wild ponies?

8. World 2.0: chess does without a doubt move to the web, and Magnus Carlsen is making major decisions.

9. Is Virginia stirring up its test outcomes and detailing an inappropriate numbers?

10. I locate this sort of barrier persuading for some exploration endeavors, however not for real certifiable issues with quick choices to be made: “I don’t have the foggiest idea about the 2 Swedish models being referred to yet when all is said in done it is insincere to state the models that don’t attempt to consider changes in human conduct fizzled in light of the fact that individuals carried on in manners the models didn’t display. The models were forthright about the situations tended to.”

Tyler Cowen

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