Tom Hanks Gives Typewriter To Boy Bullied Because His Name Is Corona

A 8-year-old kid named “Crown” has a companion in Tom Hanks ― just as a blessing coming from the entertainer’s strange leisure activity of gathering typewriters.

Everything began when Corona De Vries of Queensland, Australia, sent a get-well letter after the on-screen character, who he knew from the “Toy Story” motion pictures, and spouse Rita Wilson contracted COVID-19 while in the kid’s nation for a film venture.

“I heard on the news you and your better half had gotten the coronavirus. Are you OK?” composed Corona, who was named for the peripheral layer of the sun, as indicated by Australian news outlet

The kid likewise referenced the difficulties he presently faces on account of his name. “I love my name however at school individuals consider me the coronavirus,” he wrote. “I get exceptionally pitiful and irate when individuals call me this.”

The letter was sent April 6 and Hanks’ reaction appeared at Corona’s home not long ago, as indicated by the BBC:

“Dear Friend Corona,” the letter began. “Your letter caused my significant other and I to feel so superb! Much obliged to you for being such an old buddy ― companions cause companions to feel great when they are down.”

Hanks included that the 8-year-old kid was “the main individual I’ve known to have the name Corona – like the ring around the sun, a crown.”

Alongside the letter, Hanks sent a blessing: A vintage Corona typewriter much like the one in this Instagram post.

The entertainer revealed to Corona, “I figured this typewriter would suit you… Ask an adult how it functions. Furthermore, use it to keep in touch with me back.” Hanks incorporated a couple of self-tended to stepped envelopes to make that simpler, as per CNN.

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He likewise stressed that he genuinely valued the kid’s note by stating, “You got a companion in me!” ― the title of the “Toy Story” signature melody ― at the base of his letter.

Hanks expounded on his energy for gathering typewriters – particularly vintage ones ― in a 2013 New York Times essay.

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