Bereft Author Says Viral Essay Wife Wrote from Deathbed ‘Gave Me Permission to Find Someone New’

Creator Jason Rosenthal, single man of Amy Krouse Rosenthal, recounts to their story in another journal that closes with news he is presently dating somebody unique

It has been somewhat more than a long time since the late creator Amy Krouse Rosenthal distributed an intrigue to her significant other’s envisioned new spouse in her New York Times’ Modern Love section titled “You May Want to Marry My Husband.” But the viral essay that would demonstrate Amy’s last work (she kicked the bucket of ovarian malignant growth 10 days after the fact) is as yet bigly affecting the man left in its spotlight.

Jason Rosenthal, a some time ago unknown legal counselor with his own training, is out this week with a journal — My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me — that is, at the same time, an adoration letter to Amy, a crude gander at the magnificence and torment of hospice care at home, and a guide for exploring sadness.

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“Amy gave me this new voice possibly was in me, yet I didn’t have the foggiest idea,” Jason, 55, tells PEOPLE in a meeting for the new issue out Friday.

In its last part, the book likewise makes a declaration about Jason’s own new section: that he is presently dating somebody unique.

Amy and Jason in December 2016, a quarter of a year prior to she kicked the bucket

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Politeness Jason Rosenthal

“Amy’s letter gave me consent to hold nothing back from another person,” says Jason, presently providing legal counsel low maintenance to prepare for open talking on the subjects of misfortune, misery and flexibility. “Amy will consistently be in my heart, and whoever I end up with will realize that.”

He only reveals to PEOPLE that the lady he doesn’t name on the penultimate page of his diary (and thanks in its Acknowledgments “for filling my clear page with delight and bliss”) is Claire, a 46- year-old Chicago wellbeing and health proficient.

For a greater amount of Jason Rosenthal’s meeting and a restrictive selection of his journal, get the most recent issue of PEOPLE, on newspaper kiosks Friday, or buy in here.

Jason Rosenthal and Claire, prior this year in Mexico City

Graciousness Jason Rosenthal

“After we’d hung out, I knew there was something extraordinary about this lady. The friendship, her friendship, felt so great,” he writes in the book.

“And still, at the end of the day, when she and I began going out in the open,” he says, “I was as yet uncertain about being decided for living it up with a lady who wasn’t Amy.”

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