Composing an Analytical Essay Using a Model: Forsyth’s Hero Journey, "Whispering Wind"

Writing a Essay that investigates a bit of writing can be trying for understudies in center and secondary school except if they have a strong hold on sorting out their thoughts first. I have discovered that displaying the conduct I need from my understudies brings about more noteworthy accomplishment in moving them from a clear piece of paper to a conceivably intriguing bit of composing. One task that I give them, in the wake of examining various legend venture bits of writing, is to expound on the association between the picture of the deepest cavern, or the paunch of the whale, and the prototype theme of life/demise/resurrection. I at that point request that they take a gander at an example Essay I’ve composed utilizing a story they have not perused or won’t analyze in writing.

By the time understudies show up in my group, they have just had a prologue to the fundamental five or more section topic, thus we go to honing aptitudes with rehearsing the legitimate familiarity of passage advancement utilizing point-model commentary.

Below I’ve separated the Essay into its segments the manner in which I offer it to understudies, clarifying and displaying the substance of the presentation, body, and conclusion.

Before understudies plan to write in class, I request that they read the accompanying clarifications, giving close consideration to each piece of the Essay that follows.

Title of Essay

Rebirth from the Inmost Cave: Frederick Forsyth’s Whispering Wind

Organizational Outline

• Organization: The presentation contains a few sentences that work to the proposition, which clarifies how something cement can delineate a theoretical picture or idea.

• Development of body passages: Each passage moves from point to guide to discourse. In spite of the fact that I have marked the sentences point-model editorial, you won’t have any desire to do that in your last draft essay. Keep sentences together in passage structure. Notice that I regularly utilize more than one sentence to communicate the point, the model, and the commentary.

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• Conclusion: The end starts with the proposition rephrased, a suggestion to the peruser of the focal point of the paper. In excess of a rundown, the last passage of this model closes with a speculation, a chance to see an all-inclusive truth about the antiquated prototype image of the cavern and its association with rebirth.

The Essay:


1. The prototype life/passing/resurrection theme, so regularly saw in writing, delineates and clarifies the excursion of the hero.

2. As the legend is carrying on with his conventional life in the realm of basic day, he is surprisingly called to an adventure.

3. Having acknowledged the demand, he crosses the edge into a world new and brimming with threat, utilizing every one of his assets to endure the difficulties and tests he should undergo.

4. One such character, Ben Craig in Frederick Forsyth’s novella Whispering Wind, looks for a fortune, the lady he cherishes, regardless of whether it implies yielding his life, maybe a significantly more noteworthy treasure.

5. At last, Ben Craig finishes the saint venture through his own passing and resurrection in a cavern high in the mountains of Montana.


Point 1: Ben’s call to experience, protecting the girl of Cheyenne Chief Tall Elk from Custer’s looting, ravaging officers, turns out to be increasingly entangled when he begins to look all starry eyed at her and they flee to a collapse the mountains.

Example: This cavern will be the spot of his resurrection twice.

Commentary: As Joseph Campbell calls attention to, in the most profound piece of the deepest cavern, the legend emblematically and some of the time truly bites the dust so he may emerge from the dead and be reborn.

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Point 2: When a shaman, a blessed man in the clan, out of nowhere shows up at the cavern and reveals to Ben he should quit any pretense of Whispering Wind since she is guaranteed to another, she leaves and Ben rests for a hundred years.

Example: He should surrender the main lady he has adored, yet before his long demise like rest, the shaman discloses to Ben they will be as one again.

Commentary: This confirmation traces of the guarantee of restoration, the resurrection of the hero.

Point 3: Ben’s waking is the principal frequency of resurrection, and he rides down the mountain to a noteworthy recreation of a stronghold so valid he trusts it is still 1876.

Example: His life at the post in what is currently 1976 brings Whispering Wind, a teacher named Linda Pickett, back to him when she goes with her group to the fortification for a field trip.

Commentary: New difficulties develop. Linda is locked in to be hitched to the child of the malice Braddock, whose force can destroy her family and sincerely coercion Linda into proceeding with a union with his child, regardless of her affection for Ben.

Point 4: Ben battles these evil presences, strikingly protects Linda from her situation, and returns her to the cavern as his wife.

Example: Ben, nonetheless, isn’t for quite some time implied for this world. A snowstorm and cold mountain torrential slide cover the Braddock search gathering, and Linda, freezing and close to death in the cavern, is safeguarded by the sheriff.

Commentary: Having anticipated that the peruser should suspend doubt, Forsyth causes Ben’s demise to happen a hundred years earlier, in 1876, and now the sheriff discovers his remaining parts outside the cavern. Braddock and his men don’t endure the tempest, and Linda’s family is liberated from the ruinous force he held over her family. Linda uncovers she is conveying Ben’s youngster, the last aid of his chivalry from the grave.

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1. It isn’t unintentionally or irregular determination that Forsyth picks a cavern, the representative belly, as the setting for the legend Ben Craig’s rebirth.

2. Not once, however twice Ben leaves the cavern a changed man, the first run through from a long rest and the second through the kid his adored Whispering Wind-Linda Pickett-will bear. He loses his life each time, just to be renewed from the cave.

3. The life has been lived and the hindrances and beasts demolished. The penances have been made, and as the legend acquires new life, he carries it to others also. Ben’s prize is the solution, the fortune of restored life that he gives on the individuals who remain.

4. Indeed, as even the exemplary accounts of the past keep on reminding us, Forsyth’s Whispering Wind empowers the peruser to see the impression of mankind, the deepest caverns of our own preliminaries of dread and distress that, when deliberately defeat at long last, can bring triumph and a recovery of the spirit.

Similar to the composition of fiction, the specialty of Essay writing relies upon the author making the peruser see what she finds in her inner being. Before understudies invest energy in word usage or mechanics, I request that they sort out their musings, a basic advance that won’t just permit the peruser to finish the way the lines of speculation in the essay, yet additionally empower the essayist to speak without breaking a sweat and less anxiety.

by Susan O’Connor

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