Apple and Steve Jobs – The Power of Framing

This post is the finishing of an idea I’ve had for quite a while regarding one of my favorite communications principles: framing. I was set to write this purely from an academic perspective when a couple of serendipitous items crossed my attention. First, Apple unleashed the Macintosh 26 years ago today. (And as an early … Read More»

What Is Chemical Earthing And Basics of Lightning Arresters?

Earthing is an essential part of any electrical system as it ensures that fault current does not cause damage to appliances or worse still cause electrocution. There are different types of earthing; the conventional earthing and chemical earthing. The conventional earthing is the old method of earthing. With the invent of the chemical earthing, the … Read More»

Super Wisdom Foundation to Eclipse Gates Foundation

If who you are matters more to you than what you earn, you should be supporting and promoting the Super Wisdom Foundation and Super Wisdom Dot Com. One; Wherever you are on your journey of self discovery and spiritual growth, Super Wisdom can only benefit your journey. Two; As you gain personal experience with Super … Read More»