E-Book – Getting Better Grades

We all know that getting good grades in school, college or university is a big issue for almost every student. Students also have to face incredible competition in their academic life and getting good grades in such a good competition is an issue for almost every student. The main reason of not getting good grades … Read More»

An Affectionate Mentor

The Department of Fine Arts owes so much to the women of substance! Anna Molka Ahmad founded it and since then, there have been many graceful, charming and refined women who showed a great deal of practicality and sensitized wisdom, in their work as well as in their approach towards life, without losing the flair … Read More»

Tanjore Paintings

Culture is a dynamic force that complements the life pattern of a society. It reflects the procession of time and the crisscross patterns of migratory influences in arts and other progressions of life. Ancient Tamil Nadu, in the Southern part of India, comprised of three kingdoms, the Chera, the Chola and the Pandya. The Chera … Read More»